Welcome, I 'm Silke.

I am a professional portrait photographer with a passion for helping business owners and executives to reflect their true self. 

To capture the beautiful candid moments and give your photographs a flattering glow, I am determined to find the perfect natural light for your personalised photoshoot.

By visually telling your story with bespoke lifestyle photography, I can help you stand out from the crowd and appeal to your dream clients.

People don't fall in love with a business,

they fall in love with the person behind it!

It’s a solid business and marketing principle: your brand needs to be where the consumer’s attention is. Today, that attention lies across all of the digital platforms that people interact with each other on.

Hence every brand needs fresh content, constantly and consistently. That content isn’t created by mistake. It’s created intentionally with the end consumer in mind and with the goal to create brand awareness and loyalty that turns into revenue in the long run.


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"I am a fan of people getting together."


And I could not agree more with Ellen DeGeneres, who actually said those words. I am a huge fan of watching people having fun and creating memories together. You are planning to tie the knot and looking for an actual day wedding photographer? Get in touch and let's discuss my event packages

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