how nice to meet you! My name is Silke, I am a wife and mother to two teenagers. I am passionate about life, with an innate sense of curiosity that drives me to discover and explore the wonderful world around us. My friends would describe me as extrovert, I am positive, open and easy to talk to and I love to laugh... a lot, despite the wrinkles! 

When I am not shooting I am out exploring, trying to find the next hidden gem in Singpore or else where in the world. Since calling the Little Red Dot our home we have been extensively travelling in South East Asia, but still have so many destinations to go. 


"Silke is extremely professional, friendly and makes you feel very comfortable und secure during the whole process. She understands what outcome you are hoping for and thus is very efficient in guiding you towards the results you wish for."

MK Consulting


My story and reason why.


Let me guess. You dread having your portrait taken in a professional photoshoot? But you understand the importance of consistent imagery that creates powerful magic for your online presence, website and social media?

I see you. And it's time for the world to see the real you, too. 

Let me tell your story.

During my many years in Asia, I have  been lucky to meet many fascinating people, especially women. Smart, energetic, beautiful women; and yet full of insecurities. My passion is to reflect your true beauty and essence, hidden amongst your perceived flaws. After all, there is nothing more powerful than someone that radiates confidence! 

My favourites 

1. My love and sometimes joy.

If you have teenagers yourself,

you know what I mean. But still,

quite proud of them!

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