Branding Photoshoot for

Krystle Church

"Silke is a photography GENIUS!

I am in awe of all the photos she took of me, how she told a story through them and really has such an eye for detail, framing and lighting. The entire experience with her has been wonderful. She has such a holistic approach to capturing no just cute photos, but a story of you and your brand. She was a pleasure to work with and had the most amazing locations chosen for our shoot. I can't believe it all came together as fast and as perfectly as it did. If you're looking for a great photographer, STOP. You just found her."

Krystle was in the middle of rebranding herself when she approached me. And she was going all in withbranding, web design, PR, business coach, hiring all the help she could get. Driven as she is, I imagined she had been around for a while already, just to find out she had only started three months ago. Can you believe that? Teacher by training she soon figured she wanted to do something more with her joy of crafting sentences and decided to start her own business. Super organised as she is, she came with a clear vision of what she needed in terms of photographs for her brand. 

Her brand is natural and authentic and she wanted to showcase that in her photographs. As she loves going to and working at the beach we started there very early in the morning.  Lucky us to live in a city that provides not only a tropical beach but also a thriving urban scene to turn to when in need of some city girl images. Krystle has no inhibitions whatsoever in showing her true and authentic self. At Keong Saik Road it was not only us having fun, but we also provided quite some entertainment for a few passers-by, too.  I simply loved it! 

Our last stop was this gorgeous and very stylish coffee shop. The lighting there is divine! And the coffee award winning, no kidding. She wanted to go for more hands-on working pictures, therefore the jeans and hair up. The lovely and super friendly staff did us the favour of acting as the perfect prop to have in the background. Thanks to a detailed shoot script, we seized the time for a few really beautiful portraits and very engaging working pictures as long as we had the shop to ourselves. In total Krystle ended up with a stunning image library of 100+ brand-on pictures for her website and social media. Well done! 

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