Branding Photoshoot for

Nic Imai

"When Silke got back to me with her ideas on where to shoot and the types of images she had in mind it was like she had been inside my head...and I guess she had! I loved all her ideas and we managed to get them all...if you know Silke, she is super organised and will make sure to get what she has in mind all the while keeping YOU at the forefront. I remember thinking this is what sets professional branding photography apart and how the approach is quite different from other types of photography. For creatives and entrepreneurs in Singapore who are looking for someone to help tell their story visually, I cannot recommend Silke enough. Is a branding session worth it? I think you already know my answer to that - is it worth investing in yourself and your business? I don't think many would say no."

Another beautiful collaboration! 

I cannot recall when and how I met Nic, the only thing I know is that it happened during Circuit Breaker. One day she popped up in my Instagram feed and we started commenting on each others posts. Soon enough we moved to private message and after a while we felt so close that we chatted over daily things. Just like that. In case you wonder... yes she is a photographer herself but neither she nor I believe in competition. Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. We believe in rising by lifting others. We have so much in common and so much to share, why would I refuse this wisdom just because we work in the same sector? So soon, when CB was over we met in a lovely coffee shop and chatted away for almost two hours.  As I was working on a course about storytelling I boldly asked her if she would allow me to capture her story. She agreed with no hesitation at all. Needless to say, that her gallery turned out as beautiful as she is, inside and outside. 

We started very early at the beach, as the sea and the clouds remind Nic of her late mother. The loss of her beloved Mum inspired her to become a family photographer, to capture these very precious memories in everlasting photographs. The next location therefore was evident, I also wanted to shoot some behind-the-scenes to show her love and joy in working with families. The third and last location was my studio, where we complemented her gallery with a few portraits showcasing work and personality. 

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