• Silke Dietz

Do I need a photo of myself on my website?

The short answer: Yes! As the head of your business, you are the centrepiece.

We don't argue about the necessity of having a website, right? As a business woman you know that your website serves as your digital business card, it reflects your personal brand. The vast majority of your potential clients will check out your website before even meeting with you. It is the go-to platform to find out more about the person behind the brand, the one they are going to purchase a product from or request their service.

In other words your website is an important element in making an impactful first impression. But furthermore, its your opportunity to instantly connect with your visitors, by telling your story throughout the different pages and give your potential clients a chance to resonate with you, so they find reason to come back. And for that, you need to be present.

On many websites you will find the host only on the 'about' page, which is a missed opportunity. Let me explain why:

Home - Page

Imagine you knock on somebody's door and after the door swings wide open you see ... no one. So you wander around the house until you finally find the host. Weird, right? Same goes to your website. Instead of ghosting your visitors, why don't you greet them with a friendly smile right at the door; your home page?

About - Page

The obvious one, yet often not delivered. My first click on any website is the 'about' button, and when I don't find any face there, but instead some zealous summery of expertise, I am gone.

People click on the 'about' button for a reason. They want to meet YOU! They want to get to know YOU! It really is that simple.

Contact - Page

Hurrah! Your visitor has clicked on 'contact'. This means he/she wants to engage. Show your audience that you are there, right from the beginning, by sending over a friendly smile.

In case you ever wondered if you could appear on your own website too often, the answer is no, as long as you make sure to underline your pictures with the respective copy.

If you have any questions about branding or need help with imagery for your website, please don't hesitate to drop me an email. I am here for you!

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