• Silke Dietz

How to master receiving your Corporate Head Shot

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, we all know that phrase. No wonder that so many people get nervous when it comes to corporate headshots. What shall I wear? What about my hair? My make up? EVERYTHING?! The mere thought of that alone triggers a tiny, little panic attack and leaves us with unwanted profile pictures in the end. And even those were taken years ago and have become outdated by now. If you can't remember the last time you updated your profile on the Internet, it is high season that you do so. And honestly it is no different to attending a wedding or a big birthday party. You want to look your best! You don't rush out of the office straight to the ceremony. You take your time, make sure your make up is perfect, the lipstick is on your lips and not on your teeth, your hair is not a mess and your clothes are fresh and wrinkle free.

Same process applies to a photoshoot.


Clothing is a form of expression of personality, not aptitude. When it comes to choosing an outfit,

choose something you would wear on a daily basis, as you need to feel comfortable. In terms of blouse or shirt, it doesn't really matter, but please make sure it looks professional. Colour wise, stick to subtle colours, they look great in a headshot and flatter most skin tones. Having said that, try to refrain from black, it is just too dark in most compositions. Also big pattern and stripes don't look good on camera. Make sure everything you wear is fresh and smooth, (ironed!) because the more you up level your appearance, the better will your pictures turn out.

Hair & Make up

You want your hair to be like in a shampoo advert. Looking all smooth flowing, full bodied and neat around the edges. If you need to refresh your hair colour, schedule it a few days ahead of the photoshoot so it washes out and looks more natural. If you can afford a professional hairdresser and make up artist, I would highly recommend it. This brings me to make up. Of course we all want to look natural and there is nothing wrong with that. But please keep in mind that you will have to apply more in order for the camera to pick it up. In other words you want to be thorough with your make up, use concealer for the little imperfections and a lot of powder to matt your skin. And there is no way around lipstick! If you want to check how it will look on camera, step two metres away from the camera.


A good photographer works on rapport to ensure that clients are relaxed and confident during the shoot. I prefer to catch my clients with a candid laugh, because that's when the authentic you shines and the real magic happens. Practise your smiles, looks and poses in front of a mirror; which side do you like better?

But most importantly, be yourself, trust your photographer, relax and HAVE FUN!

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