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How to use negative space in a photograph

Maybe we should start with the question:

"What is negative space in a photograph?"

Negative space is the area around your subject in a photograph which is left unoccupied. Simply put it is decluttering your composition and makes the subject stand out more. Negative space used creatively leaves the viewer with room for interpretation and makes a photograph more captivating.

But it also is a great marketing base.

Pictures with negative space can be used in many ways to emphasize on a certain offer or message. Let's have a look at a few together.


Whether for your website, newsletter, blog or Facebook page, headers deliver the first impression when greeting your audience. Make sure it is positive and brand on.

Social Media Quotes

Quotes in your Instagram feed are a great way to aesthetically break up the noise while spreading some wisdom. And who doesn't love quotes?


You have a great offer no one can resist? Make it visibly stand out with a picture and engaging headline.

Background for presentations

More and more presenters realise that it is so much nicer for the audience to look at well curated presentation pages related to your topic, rather than black letters on white sheets.

Did I ignite your creativity? These are just a few examples to help you get inspired. The options are numerous with a bit of imagination and a good design app like Canva.

Thanks to Canva it is so easy to create brand on graphics in no time. Just head over to Canva, select your desired graphic size, upload your brand on images and start playing with text and layout.

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See you there!

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