• Silke Dietz

How to visualise your Brand Story

Feeling confident while doubling your Instagram followers

Very often I realise that entrepreneurs underestimate the power of branding in view of communicating their brand story with brand-on imagery. I get it, marketing is complex and can be quite intimidating, so we postpone it to later, or pray to the universe to be seen, somehow. But it doesn't have to be like that, as there are many boss ladies out there we can take on as role models.

Please meet Christine, a Feng Shui consultant who started off her career here in Singapore, many years ago. Even now that she has relocated back to Germany, she visits the Little Red Dot on a regular basis, for trainings or conventions, as well as branding photo shoots.

Christine, why would you hire a Personal Branding photographer?

"When I was searching for pictures for my website and social media, I quickly realised how difficult it can be to find the „right“ pictures. As a solo entrepreneur I want people to recognise me, my brand, whether they see my posts on Instagram, Facebook or come across my blog. I needed someone who understands how to translate my brand, my colours, my story and values into pictures . I still use some of the pictures from our very first shoot, five years ago."

As a returning client I know her brand very well, so there is no need for the questionnaire I normally send to every new client, to determine the vibe and story of the brand. I tell my clients to take their time when answering, the more they write, the better, because these answers help me visualise the brand story which results in brand-on imagery.

Nonetheless, I believe in thorough planning to make the photoshoot for my clients a walk in the park. After a quick chat with Christine I went out location scouting, as she gave clear instructions of what she had in mind.

Christine, how did you prepare for the photo shoot?

"I remember our chat on the phone, when you asked me to think about my outfit, make-up and some props. You provided me with a few ideas, so I could search the internet and create my very own 'mood board'. I had never heard of a mood board before, but it totally made sense: I looked for pictures, gestures and locations which would perfectly go with blog posts or articles I had in planning.

As a consultant I also wanted a few pictures of me 'consulting' and you not only found spot on locations but also surprised me with a friend of yours who acted as a client. It was perfect! In retrospect, thanks to your detailed planning, I ended up with so many great pictures, even though my schedule was really tight and I only had four hours for the shoot."

Although planning is a big part of a smooth photoshoot, the execution can be quite exhausting, especially in hot and humid Singapore. I plan more indoors than outdoors, but with Christine it was more outside to show more of the Feng Shui philosophy.

We started off in a coffee shop where we covered the consulting part as well as some working scenes and portraits, head shots and half body. I always make sure to cover different angles of one composition, wide angle and close ups to give as much variety and therefore possibility for my client.

Christine, tell us, how did your pictures turn out and where do you use them?

"Like many women, I don’t really like myself in pictures. Sometimes I think I’m just too critical with my own appearance. You really managed to find a good angle to make me look slimmer, younger and … very professional. I feel quite confident using my photos now and I get compliments from clients and friends for those cool head shots.

Life became easier for me since I have this pool of pictures to chose from, whenever there’s an update on my website or a new post on social media. I even used one for the cover of my fist book and on my new roll-up.

The number of my instagram followers doubled … and to be honest, that’s not so much my brilliant content but the extraordinary pictures you took in Singapore. I’m really glad that our paths had crossed and I can highly recommend having an experienced brand photographer taking your pictures, as it certainly elevates your brand. Thanks Silke, for making my website nicer and my life easier."

I build partnerships with my clients and take the time to plan, style and intentionally create compelling imagery. My aim is to create positive and impactful experiences with everyone I work with. And more often we become friends.

By the way, did you know there is a 'best time' to launch your new website? If you want to know more about the powerful energy of Feng Shui, hop over to Christine's website and have a look around. If you don't speak German, no problem, as she consults in English as well.

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