• Silke Dietz

The power of Story Telling

Elevate - educational mentoring for super girls.

Please meet Ramita.

I wish she had been my teacher, back then. Her energy is phenomenal, her positivity contagious and her determination is simply breathtaking. When she arrived at my studio I was shortly under the impression she would move in as we needed quite a few hands to carry all of her bags, filled with fun props upstairs. The balloons she had delivered one hour prior to the shoot and the bubble tea arrived only an hour later, ready to be used in the next composition. Precision, I'd say, and I loved it!

We had planned three different themes around Elevate: interaction and fun while teaching the girls, work in progress and different angles of portraits. What we needed to translate into the pictures was fun, resilience and girls power.

"The day was great, the girls had fun and the energy levels remained good given how much we wanted from everyone. Thank you for your patience and all your effort in ensuring we didn't miss anything we chatted about! We got some incredible pictures with terrific messaging!"

"Thanks so much again for your time with these pics and the very quick turnaround! It was great working with you- your time in getting to know my vision was valuable and I feel we were able to understand well what we hoped the pictures would capture."

It doesn't feel like work at all, when you have a client who is all in and full of ideas of how she wants her brand to be perceived. But of course, the key is planning.

"I did have a enough guidance as we outlined each composition with props well and the end result was magnificent! I think the change of scenes and  transitions were all carefully thought through and all the detailed attention to each shot made such a difference!"

If you are curious about more brand stories, hop over to the next story here. In case you want to elevate you business with beautiful tailored imagery as well, you know where to find me. Just drop me a line and let's have a chat.

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