• Silke Dietz

What is a Personal Brand?

We use many brands on a daily basis, without even really thinking about it, right? So, what is your favourite brand? No matter what your answer is, your chosen brand has earned your trust because you can relate to their values and visions, as their product speaks to you at a deeper level than their competitors do.

As humans we are prone to emotions and stories and a brand is nothing more than a distinctive perception of stories, emotions and expectations that people have about a company. And which is accountable in the decision of choosing one brand over another.

A brand is the perception of a company in the eyes of a consumer.

It is the age of social media and in todays digital life we are very visible, and we all have all been googled, at least at one stage of our career, but have you ever googled yourself? And if so, did you like what you saw, is it really you? You might want to pause here for a while, and think about it, because that is how the world sees you, that's the perception others have of you. And if you aren't properly managing your online reputation, then others will do it for you.

Branding is the active process of forming a reputation, your brand.

To create a strong and memorable brand there are a few elements to it:

Name & Logo

The first and most important part of your business journey, as your business name will exist for the duration of its lifetime. To find the ideal name ask yourself some questions:

Does the name need to mean something? Do you need to relate to it? Is it unique?

Your logo is the one image that will come to mind when people think about your company.

Brand Colours & Vibes

For your brand colours and vibes you need to be aware that your choice is key to initiate a distinct vibe for your brand. All the big banks and insurances like Deutsche Bank or Allianz chose blue for a reason as the colour blue is related to trust.

Voice & Heart

How are you addressing your customers? Are you serious and formal or warm and friendly? It is important to use a tone that feels aligned with your customers but also authentic to you.

And the most important part: what is your why?

Earn your customers trust by clearly stating your brand mission, your core value.

Now you have the setup, but for a successful marketing strategy you want to own your brand. Do you know on which social platforms your customers are? Because you want to be there and proactively engage in conversations instead of waiting for your customers to find you. For a strong profile make sure that your website as well as all your social media platforms are align. Be consistent in your posting and keep in mind that your social voice is your brand voice, aka your voice. And last but not least, choose your imagery according to your brand, this will ensure a cohesive brand aesthetic.

Are you curious about the whole brand story? Then have a look here.

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