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Why you should hire a Make up artist for your Professional Photoshoot

How makeup appears in photos is very different than how makeup appears when you wear it every day

written by Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

Having a professional makeup artist will make you feel more confident about the photoshoot and more at ease in general. In any photoshoot, you want to be as relaxed as possible, as your demeanor will have an impact on the way your images turn out. The makeup colours you choose for photoshoots,  will directly impact how your photographs turn out.

You want the makeup, clothing, hair style and wardrobe to work with your face, and not against it. 

A makeup artist’s job is helping you make sure all these factors come together to make the best photographs and portray you in the best possible light.

Makeup artists can do wonders very quickly, and can also change things in an instant if you want to try a few different options for the shoot.

A makeup artist is the specialist that can really help diagnose and fix any makeup issue or potential issue very quickly. Especially with so many different factors that go into the photoshoot, you don’t want makeup to get in the way or be an area of concern. 

Make sure you have a professional photoshoot makeup artist that can provide their opinion as to the best way to coordinate your makeup selection.

A professional photo shoot has so many benefits and is one of the most important factors in how you present yourself aside from physically being there, so make sure you ensure the photography session has the best outcome by hiring a professional makeup artist to be as certain as possible it turns out great!

Hiring a great photoshoot makeup artist will save time and expense in terms of the photo retouching that will need to be done after the shoot. Whatever it costs to hire a makeup artist, you will generally get back in the time it will save in retouching the photos. Make sure your photographer knows you’ll have a makeup artist on hand for the photoshoot .

Ensure that your makeup artist also does hair, if not be prepared to plan hair at your end before you reach the shoot.  

Discussing basic looks,  wardrobe and other aspects helps make the process of the photoshoot simple and flowing.  

Makeup artists have the experience needed to make sure you present yourself in the very best way, will add to your confidence level during the shoot, and will eliminate you having to choose makeup that may not look as great in the photos as it does in everyday wear. In many cases, your photo is the first impression people have of you, and first impressions count!

So book your photoshoot makeup artist now, be it personal branding,  glamour, boudoir or just a headshot. 

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