Branding Photoshoot for

Schnittchen & Rosenrot

"Working with Silke was an eye-opener! With her encouraging approach she took away my initial nervousness and suddenly posing didn't feel odd anymore (it actually felt great).

Paired with her excellent eye for the detail, the results were absolutely amazing and I have received stunning images for my social media appearance!

Thank you Silke for such an inspiring experience, Perdita"

What can I say? It takes two to tango! When Perdita first approached me about pictures for her digital appearance, I instantly fell in love with her personality. She is a very amiable woman, super creative and always positive.  She runs a lovely shop in a small town in Germany where she also teaches how to sew in her sewing workshops. What sets her apart from her competition, is that she wants her clients to feel at home while being creative. Her workshops are providing a deliberate contrast to the busy day at the office or at home with family and small kids. It feels like doing some fun stuff with a girlfriend. 

For the day of the shoot we had three locations: her home, her shop and a fabric store where she is a frequent client at. In her pre shoot questionnaire she was very specific about her detail shots. Her brand colours are light turquoise and white, so we made sure to choose all props and outfits in pastel shades, aligned with her brand. She wanted to promote more the fun side of sewing as well as her pattern construction courses (to all of you who like me don't even know how to operate a sewing machine and the mere concept of sewing just wows you, pattern construction means adjusting a certain pattern to your body measures). So with help of a few friends we also shot a series of workshop scenes and teaching content. She had all well instructed and everyone performed very professionally. Normally I create all the flat lays myself but in this case I left the composition with no worries to Perdita. The props she added were really cute and brand on. Overall I had so much fun myself working with such an incredible talented lady.

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