Branding Photoshoot for

Wellness with Swati

"I would highly recommend Silke to anyone looking for a professional to shoot them for their website / brand. She is great and so creative! She was very cooperative and helpful, did location scouting for my outdoor shoot and suggested indoor locations. It was a very fun experience, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. And my pictures are outstanding and beautiful! "

Swati is a holistic wellness coach, teaches nutrition, yoga and meditation. She is a very gentle soul who loves going out exploring new eating joints, running and exercise. Her clients are women with children who want to lead a healthy life. Swati provides them with personalised/customised lifestyle and nutrition packages combined with yoga and meditation, the holistic wellness package. 


Swati's website truly reflects her personality, all warm and earthy colours. So when I designed the shoot, it was obvious that we needed a lot of veggie and fruit props. 

For the day of the shoot we had planned three locations. First in her elegant home where she wanted some pictures with her adorable kids to show a healthy family life. Second in the kitchen where it is all about nutrition, showing the vibrant and happy her. 

And the third location of course needed to take place outdoor where she wanted to cover the yoga/ exercise side of hers. For outdoors, it can be a bit tricky here in Singapore, as we want it not too hot and of course no rain. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side that day so we needed to reschedule. But at the end we managed to get some really beautiful shots of her alone, which also can be tricky to achieve in a public park. 


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