Branding Photoshoot for

Yasmin Begum

"Getting your photos taken could be intimidating especially if they are supposed to reflect your business and personality. Letting your pictures tell your brand story is not easy but you are in good hands with Silke cos it just comes naturally to her. She helped me pick out the venue, clothes, the poses and shots that reflect me. We met as clients and now we are friends. And that's how things are when you work with Silke!"

Yasmin is an event and marketing consultant with a very vibrant personality. She co-creates customised solutions with small business owners and consultants for their branding and marketing needs. Her knowledge is excellent and her heart huge. Her energy seems to be endless while juggling her family, her business and several charity projects all at once. 

When we met, she was just in the process of rebranding her website and knew exactly what she needed in regards of pictures. Her logo is pink, so we were looking for a vibrant place for her portraits.

For Yasmin we agreed on two locations. For  the first location we wanted to show off her energetic personality, creating a joyful and healthy atmosphere. The day of the shoot unfortunately fell into Ramadan so she was actually fasting. Needless to say that I had no intention of torturing her, but I needed all the colourful food and drinks in the pictures. She played along with great professionalism and grace. 

For the second location she wanted something more professional, to show more of the consultant. We found this lovely spot which is a combined coffee shop and furniture store. Yasmin invited a friend to play the role of a potential client, and you can see in the pictures, they had a lot of fun together. 

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